Forbearance Forms

Incorrect or incomplete forms will delay your request, so be sure to:

  1. Choose the correct forbearance form associated with the type of loan you have and your loan servicer:
  2. Provide all necessary information and sign the form.
  3. Return the signed form to your loan servicer (the name of your loan servicer appears on your bill).

Federal Loan Forbearance Forms

PDF AES Temporary Hardship Forbearance Form

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This discretionary forbearance is for borrowers who intend to repay their student loans but show that repaying them at the present time would constitute a hardship, such as financial difficulty.

PDF Student Loan Debt Burden Forbearance Form

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This forbearance is for borrowers who have excessive student loan debt (payments equal to or more than 20% of their monthly gross income).

PDF Mandatory Forbearance Form

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Medical or Dental Internship/Residency—This forbearance is for medical or dental interns/residents who have used their maximum 24 months of internship/residency deferment time or are not eligible to receive an internship/residency deferment.

National Guard—This forbearance is for members of the National Guard (including members in retired status) during a time when a governor activated National Guard personnel for active state duty for a period more than 30 consecutive days and qualify for post-active duty student deferment, but don't qualify for a military service deferment or other deferment while engaged in active military state duty.

Department of Defense Loan Repayment Program—This forbearance is for borrowers who are eligible to have all or part of their student loans repaid by the Department of Defense.

PDF AES In-School Forbearance Form

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In-school financial difficulty—This discretionary forbearance is for borrowers who are experiencing financial difficulty while attending school but who do not qualify for an in-school deferment.

Dependent student temporary hardship—This discretionary forbearance is for PLUS Loan borrowers experiencing financial difficulty or hardship while the dependent student for whose education the loan was disbursed is enrolled at least half-time at an eligible school.

PDF Teacher Loan Forgiveness Forbearance Request

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This forbearance is for borrowers who perform the qualifying teaching service for the Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.

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Private Education Loan (Alternative Loan) Forbearance Forms

PDF AES & Key Education Resources
Alternative Loan Forbearance Application

PDF Ally Bank Loan Repayment Option Form

PDF AUA Forbearance Extension Request Form

PDF AUA Forbearance Request Form

PDF AUA Reduced Payment (RP) Request Form

PDF BANHPL Forbearance Request Form

PDF Bank of America Privately Insured Loan Forbearance Request Form

PDF Chase Forbearance Information Form

PDF Citibank Forbearance Request Form

PDF Citizens Bank Alternative Loan Forbearance Request

PDF Citizens Bank School/Internship Residency Forbearance Request

PDF Economic Hardship Forbearance Request:
ADEAL and ADEALB Guaranteed by HICA

PDF EIFC Forbearance Request

PDF FAME Forbearance Request Form

PDF FAQS Alternative Repayment Option/Forbearance Request Form

PDF FCDB Alternative Repayment Option/Forbearance Request Form

PDF FCDB DOD Forbearance Request Form

PDF FCDB Internship/Residency Forbearance Request Form

PDF GATE Forbearance Agreement

PDF HEAL Forbearance Request

PDF HESC Forbearance Request Form

PDF In-School Forbearance: Administrative Forbearance Request

PDF MRU Holdings, Inc Forbearance Request

PDF NCT Forbearance Request

PDF NETS AES/Grants Special Programs Forbearance Request

PDF PNC Access Group Forbearance Request

PDF PNC Hardship Forbearance Request

PDF Privately Insured Loan Repayment Option Form

PDF Residency/Postdoctoral Enrollment Status Form

PDF Rocky Vista Forbearance Request Form

PDF SunTrust Bank Private Student Loan: Request for Forbearance

PDF UFSB Forbearance Request Form

PDF XPRESS Loans Request for Hardship Forbearance

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AES/PHEAA-Guaranteed Loan Forbearance Form

PDF Request for Forbearance Arrangement

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