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Sort out the most important events to you

Sort by Priority

Each event is prioritized so you can choose to view only must-do items or every activity that could give you an edge. Here's a breakdown:

  • Must do - absolutely required to attend college
  • Recommended - not required, but worthwhile
  • Good idea - definitely optional

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Add events to your personal calendar

Add to Personal Calendars

With just a couple of clicks, you can save events to your Yahoo!, MS Outlook, Apple iCal, Google, MSN Hotmail or Trumba calendar.

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Never miss a deadline

Schedule a Reminder

collegeCalendar offers two ways to set reminders so you never miss an event:

  • Email a timed reminder to your email address.
  • Send a text message reminder to your mobile phone.

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Tell your friends

Tell your Friends

Keep your friends in the loop - forward events to up to 10 friends at once.

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