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Secure Mail

Gateway-to-Gateway Email Option for Business Partners

Gateway-to-Gateway Email Option
For the convenience of AES/PHEAA's business partners, we offer Gateway-to-Gateway email. This option allows you to send and receive secure (encrypted) email directly to your regular email box.

Gateway-to-Gateway email is convenient and secure, as all messages between your email system and AES/PHEAA are automatically encrypted and decrypted by the mail systems. If your system supports S/MIME, PGP, or TLS gateway encryption, your organization can participate in Gateway-to-Gateway email.

To set-up Gateway-to-Gateway Email, please have your Information Technology department email AES/PHEAA at

If you have questions about email security or want additional information:

Toll-free Call: 1-800-233-0557, Option 1
Postal Mail: AES/PHEAA
1200 North 7th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102