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Easily view your loan certification requests

Loan Certification Requests Example

Use Alec's loan certification dashboard to get a quick overview of your loan certification workload.

Our at-a-glance dashboard includes:

  • The total number of pending loan certification requests, broken down by loan type
  • One-click access to new requests received
  • Up-to-date information… no more waiting until the next day to see new requests
  • A list of all processed certifications within the last 5 days

Efficiently organize your work in a familiar way

Loan Certification Requests Example

Much like email, Alec's certification inbox makes it easy to manage your workflow.

  • All new requests arrive via the inbox with updates occurring throughout the day.
  • The ability to create custom folders lets you organize requests specific to your processing needs.
  • Naming folders with terms that make sense to you helps you find and process requests faster.

Ideas for creating your own folders

You can use folders to:

  • Assign work to specific individuals.
  • Hold loan requests that aren't ready for processing.
  • Separate duplicate loan requests from the rest of your work.

Flexible tools let you work the way you want to

Filter Results Example

Customize Alec's tools to:

  • See what's important to you
    • Add or remove information to customize your list.
    • Sort your list to group similar information.
    • Apply filters to narrow your list based on specific criteria.
    • Save your custom layouts as "Views" for future visits.
  • Create reports that meet your needs
    • Export list data to a spreadsheet or comma-delimited file.
    • Print your lists in an easy-to-read format.

AES is here to help you get the most out of Alec

Want to see more?

Let us show you how Alec can meet your specific needs. We can:

  • Demonstrate Alec's features and show you how they fit your unique workflow.
  • Give you tips on how Alec can enhance your current process.
  • Provide more information and answer any questions you may have about this product.

To have us contact you about an Alec demo, email us at Please include your name, your school's name, OE code, and phone number.

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If you want to increase your access level so you're able to create folders and school views, call us at 1-800-443-0646, option 4, option 1.

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