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Lender Products

When you partner with us to manage your student loan volume, you are working with the most comprehensive financial aid organization in the country. Not only do we manage $84.4 billion, but the U.S. Department of Education also reports that our cohort default rate (2.9%) is significantly below the national average, and our trigger default rate (1.4%) is among the very lowest in the nation.

We do not simply generate loan volume. We work with lenders to customize loan product offerings tailored to a geographical region, specific name, or business goal. We then work with student-borrowers to provide educational resources and flexible repayment options that minimize the risk of default. We also have established unique partnerships with other well-known organizations to create educational resources or programs. Our strong, proactive borrower relations and creative default initiatives are key to our success, creating a win-win situation for lending partners, students, and their families.

We use CommonLine, participate in METEOR, have the ability to assess late fees as well as offer a growing array of online functionality ranging from electronic signature for loan applications to electronic fund transfer (EFT) and Direct Debit repayment options. We also offer origination and disbursement services for our lending partners as well as a fund transfer service.

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