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Remote Client Services Program

Our goal is to help you diversify and strengthen your loan product offerings to help you succeed in keeping pace with the expanding needs of the student loan marketplace. Clients throughout the nation have successfully expanded their portfolios and product bases as well as received favorable audit ratings with our highly automated asset management systems and client support.

We currently manage $30.1 billion in assets and have remained one of the largest providers of remote services in the country since 1975. Through this program we provide student loan management software, hardware, and telecommunications equipment. Our clients also receive expert training and access to full-time client support.

Our program supports complete processing for the entire student loan life cycle and contains many useful features.

  • HELP Desk Consulting Support
  • Guaranty System Interface Support
  • Loan Origination/Disbursement and Asset Acquisition (External Conversion) Functionality
  • Interim and Repayment Loan Servicing which includes:
    1. Voice Response Unit and Autodialer Interfaces
    2. Multiple Repayment Options (graduated, combined billing for multiple loans, Direct Debit, online electronic fund transfer payments)
  • Comprehensive Monthly Management Reporting and Ad Hoc Data Query Reporting Capabilities
  • Maintain Computer Systems in Compliance with Federal, State, and Private Guaranty Regulations
  • Alternative Loans