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Account Access

Your 2018 personalized tax info is now available.

Did You Know…

  • We emailed you your reportable interest.
  • You can sign in to Account Access to view and print your personal tax data.
  • AES does not mail tax forms to all borrowers:
    • Borrowers who paid $600 or more in interest or had $600 or more of their debt cancelled, and have signed up for Paperless Tax, will receive email notification that their tax information is available via Account Access starting in mid-January. Borrowers who have not signed up for Paperless Tax will receive tax information via U.S. Mail starting in late January.
    • Borrowers who paid less than $600 in interest or had less than $600 of their debt cancelled must view their tax information online (and can print a copy).
  • You can also get your 2017 tax information by calling 1-800-649-1147. You will need your account number to retrieve this information.
  • AES cannot advise you on tax matters. If you have questions, contact a tax professional or the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or

Read Our Tax FAQ.

AES' EIN Number

American Education Services' Federal Identification Number, or EIN, is 231693362.